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Out Of My Mind by Little Image

Emerging into public view is the up-and-coming three-piece band—Little Image. As an alt-pop/rock trio, Little Image is setting the Indie music scene with their spry, rhythmic, and dreamy music. Who are they? Imagine Chase Atlantic, but with more funk and fervor. Imagine The Neighborhood but with a little less Cali, bummer summer, and amorous croons. If COIN were a C Major key, Little Image would be their relative A minor. Drawing inspiration from likeminded musical trios such as Pheonix, The Technicolor, and Sir Sly, Little Image is developing their unique voice, combining catchy melodic lines with synthy undertones. If you asked me, the entire Little Image discography would fit into my Late-night Joyrides playlist.

Little Image’s latest single does not disappoint.“OUT OF MY MIND” is another groovy hit with a trippy music video. Set in a darkroom of red ambiance, the MV starts with a first-person POV placing a vinyl on a record player, but with body movements that uncannily resemble the “GTA characters in real life” meme. (gotta explain that one film director) The song opens with a four-on-the-floor beat and a funky bass riff, one that not only gets the bandmates nodding along to the MV, but also got me swaying a little. Lead singer Simmon then comes out with a badass nonchalance, singing about a special “you” who can “pause all the chaos” and a special “us” at “the other side of midnight.” The song enters the pre-chorus with stylistic pauses, building up to an oscillating synth and cathartic cry “When you have it all, but let it go to waste.” Once it reaches the high-energy chorus, overdrive strums alternate regular light beats, engaging in an interplay of powerful and playful. Such incongruity produces the vertigo sensation of being “strung out,” which the MV skillfully depicts through hazy, stroboscopic movement. The ensuing reprise retraces melodies for a lasting impression, gearing up for the arrival of a long-awaited bridge. I’m a sucker for a good bridge with atmospheric synths and harmonies. Delightfully, this song’s bridge happens to be all about the moods. The bridge recreates a trance-like state by putting perpetual reverb on everything, especially the dopey vocal screams. This likely reinforces the effects of being intoxicated by psychedelics, but more importantly, being entranced by “you”——the very reason why “I" am "out of my mind every time without you, baby.” The MV at this point is just spinning, cut, moshing, repeat. Another fast cut brings us to the final chorus, poignant, desirous, insane; the MV is still spinning with equal passion. Yet with every climactic release, so follows the falling action. The vocals lower, dropping slowly, like a gentle voice pulling you back into reality, reminding you "it was all just a dream" and "it was only the euphoria from the high," pulling you back into reality. The MV spinning slows with a final closing scene—a 360° panorama of Little Image—until it reaches full stop. We are left in the moment, still savoring the madness of the past few minutes. 

Words by Lianna

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