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“Numb it Out” and “Good/Bad” by Fleure

Fleure is a newly formed grunge/punk trio that has just graced today’s music sphere with two debut singles “Numb it Out” and “Good/Bad.” Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Fleure is a band that is bursting with talent and bestowing a fresh new sound upon the grunge/punk scene. With just their first two singles, Fleure proves that they are a force to be reckoned with. Fleure makes a grand entrance with their first track “Numb it Out,” the first ten seconds alone demanding your attention in the best way possible, certifying that the track is something that will be hard to ignore. The second track, “Good/Bad,” features fiercely strong and unapologetic vocals that areinterwoven with daring backing instrumentals. The cosmic fusion of instrumental sound and vocals fill both tracks with such a striking intensity that makes it insanely addictive. “Numb it Out” and “Good/Bad” are both exceptionally rewarding listens, and despite being newly emerged, Fleure is truly a gem of a band who’s wickedly talented members sound like they were born to create music together.

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