maybe love by Maz

At the end of September Maz released her debut single "How Does It Feel" which was premiered by Zane Lowe on his World First show on Apple Music. Haling from Logan, Utah Maz has returned with her follow up single "Maybe Love" taking on her own version of alt - pop/rock which proves Maz is a force to be reckoned with. With inspiration stemming from her upbringing skating and snowboarding in her small mountain town. "Maybe Love" is a feel good song, but also would be such a fun song to hear live. With guitar riffs, and Grimes like beats Maz is creating her own version of alt-pop/rock and paving her own way. Singing about her frustrations with hook up culture within her generation, I think my generation is missing the possibility of deeper connection and the ability to see the individuality of each soul,” Maz said While the track itself is heartbreaking, it will still get you up dancing. Maz's beautiful vocals mixed with the gritty distorted guitar, and synths you will 100% have "Maybe Love" on repeat. Maz might just be getting started, but we're going to keep hearing about her for years to come.

Words by Melody