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Green by Avonlea

Avonlea presents us with “Green,” a track that is here to perfectly capture the heartbreak and jealousy that we encounter in our lives. The 22 year old independent artist composed the song within the walls of her bedroom in just 30 minutes. The song has a delicate and vulnerable background surrounding it, including record label conflicts and the devastating death of her beloved manager, Damian Hodge, just months before its release. Despite these hardships, Avonlea bravely marches on. Throughout the track, Avonlea takes us on a journey of jealousy, heartbreak, and reminiscence.

She perfectly captures the experience of being totally engulfed in the feeling of missing someone. Colors are a major theme in the song and are used to express emotions and memories with nostalgic lyrics like “Yellow is the shade of summertime, lemonade, the car she drives, the joy you used to give me on the daily,” but also with blazing lyrics like “Red is the color of my heart, the blood dripping from the mark you left when you told me I wasn’t your only.” Avonlea’s striking use of imagery allows listeners to visualize each and every emotive state she experiences. The raw and emotive lyrics are accompanied by a gentle piano ballad which presents an especially unique and interesting dynamic. Avonlea’s brave and honest songwriting have led to the creation of a song that we can all relate to and implement into the soundtrack of our lives. Through her lyrics, Avonlea acts as our delegated spokesperson as she says things that we are sometimes too afraid to say. “How can you be happy when I’m so lonely?” Her gentle vocals are interwoven with powerful meaning and lyrics. Consisting of only Avonlea’s ethereal vocals and backing piano, “Green” is a beautiful stripped-down ballad that will certainly tug at your heart strings.

Words by Sara


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