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An interview with Lindsey Coulson

Meet Lindsay Coulson, an on the rise musician who everybody should be listening to! In anticipation of her debut EP, our writer Sara had the chance to chat with Lindsay about all things music. Check out our interview with her below, and be sure to keep Lindsay on your radar!

Listen to Lindsey's new track "Sweatshirt" here

Hi Lindsay! Thanks so much for answering my questions, how’s life finding you these days?

Great, thanks for asking! I hope you’re doing fabulous.

Could you introduce yourself for those who might not know you?

My name’s Lindsay Coulson and I’m a musician and, unfortunately, a high school senior in San Clemente, California.

When did you first get into music? Was it always a part of your life?

I’ve been into music forever. Before I could even talk I was playing “Lindsay Originals” for my family. Basically, I was just making up nonsense, hitting a guitar, and calling it a song. Even though my music taste used to SUCK I still really enjoyed listening on my iPod shuffle. I started taking music more seriously around 2018 by teaching myself how to play the guitar (for real this time, not just hitting it), and I just started songwriting at the beginning of 2022.

So, you’re from Orange County. Did growing up there influence any aspects of your artistry?

For sure. Being relatively close to LA and San Diego has been awesome. I’m so lucky I get to see a lot of live music in both places. Also, Orange County has a pretty good live music scene. It’s mostly punk, which I clearly don’t make if you’ve ever heard my music, but either way, I love it.

You released your first single last year which did massively well, how did it feel to release your first piece of music into the world? Is there a certain pressure that comes with that?

It felt amazing. It was awesome to have so many people listen and relate to something I wrote. There is definitely pressure! I have so many people who believe in me and I really don’t want to let them down. Hopefully, this isn’t a “one-hit-wonder” situation!

Listening to your music actually reminded me of the first time I ever heard Phoebe Bridgers, who would you say are some of your musical influences?

That’s so cool you said that because Phoebe Bridgers is actually my biggest inspiration! I started playing guitar because of her. Some of my other favorite artists are Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, Lucy Dacus, Big Thief, Middle Kids, and Avril Lavigne... I could go on and on.

You have an EP coming out soon which is super exciting! I had the chance to listen to it early and it is truly something special, every single song is wickedly good! Can you walk us through the process of its creation?

Thank you so much! Speaking of special... go stream on apple music and spotify haha! I started writing the EP at the beginning of 2022. The first song I ever actually wrote was “Knuckle,” the second song on the EP. In order of me writing it, it goes “Knuckle,” “Believ It,” “Special,” “Sweatshirt,” and “My Love.” Now that I write it out it kinda makes sense. The EP is basically a diary of a relationship I was in. My next song coming out is “Sweatshirt” and it’s funny cause I had an interview with the SC Times about it and I told them that the song is about one day being able to rekindle an ended relationship. The part that I didn’t add is that I don’t believe in that anymore. It’s important sometimes to just move on! It took me a while but

that’s what I did.

Is there a certain audience that you hope this EP will connect with?

I think my music will really relate to queer teenagers. If one person can listen to my music and relate to it and feel less alone, I’ve done my job.

Do you typically enjoy the writing process or the recording process more? If you could collaborate with any musician, past or present, who would you choose?

Oh jeez that’s a hard question. I’d probably have to say recording. I’ve gotten to work with Carter Jahn, Max Bienert, and Spencer Askin. Plus drummer Levi Matulis. They’re truly the best. When we’re recording we are constantly cracking jokes, talking about drama, and a lot of breaks consisting of food and one wheels. They are some of the hardest workers I know. I seriously will fall asleep during sessions and wake up to a whole song. It’s awesome. I’m so grateful to be able to have such awesome, talented people in my life. If I could collaborate with any musician... I’d have to say Susanne Joffe. Her music is so dope and I think we have very similar music tastes. I’d love to write with her or have her sing on a song with

me or something. Thank you for talking to me! You guys are the best!

Words by Sara

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