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A interview with Namby Pamby

The Namby Pamby are a 3 piece band based in Fort Wayne, IN made up of sisters Mckenna and Emily Parks, and drummer Peyton Knerr. They've just released their album Marketplace, and before leading up to their release debut single "Chardonnay". Our writer Daya got to speak to them about how they came about finding their sound, their influences and so much more!

What’s the story behind the name Namby Pamby, how did your band come to be?

Namby-Pamby is a synonym for coward/cowardly, which we found cheeky and ironic to step on stage and rock after giving a “namby-pamby” first impression.

How did you find your sound?

Our music continues to evolve as we learn more about ourselves, as both musicians and people. We rediscover our “sound” every time we create together.

Are there any artists that might’ve influenced it?

We’ve taken inspiration from mutual favorites Courtney Barnett, Big Thief, and Faye Webster. Off of that same tree, we each have our own branch of listening that focuses more on musicians that influence our individual playing styles.

Has the music scene in Indiana affected your music or band in any way?

Fort Wayne has built a wonderfully uplifting scene, which allowed us to plant roots in artistry at a young age. Our community has taught us that cultivating creativity can not be accomplished within the ordinary and will only be welcomed by hard work, connecting to others, and setting the stage with a genuine adoration for our art.

Who writes most of the songs? Is it collaborative?

Mckenna Parks (lead vocal/guitar) brings an idea to Emily Parks (bass) and Payton Knerr (drums) and we work collaboratively on writing song structure and instrumentals.

You guys just released Marketplace! What was the writing process for the album like?

We had been performing most of the tracks on Marketplace for months before starting the recording process, giving them time to evolve alongside our musicianship. Tracks like Chewing Gum and Reality Tonality changed dramatically within a few months' span until deciding we had landed on the ideal sound before recording. On the contrary, Chardonnay was written in the studio. Mckenna had only brought the melody of Chardonnay to the band as we prepared to record, but it resonated with us enough to not only make it on the album, but also our debut single.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

Each other! Our music is incredibly emotion-driven; Every song is only dialed in after we’ve all locked into the same headspace.

For those who haven’t listened, how would you describe your sound?

Relatable and inviting. Our goal with Marketplace is to welcome listeners into a space where we can share vulnerability.

Is there any song in the album, Marketplace, that you guys struggled with creating?

There was some frustration in Chewing Gum’s writing process, which inhibited our connection to a song that reflects good feeling with an

uplifting melody. It’s rare that we find ourselves short-tempered in practice, but when we do, we work together to either give the song a new direction or decide that we aren't in the headspace to create.

What can you tell us about the future of Namby Pamby?

We just announced February 2023 tour details on our Instagram @the.nambypamby !!! There is another album in the works (:

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