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A conversation with Stoph00n

Photo + Text by Sheila Madai @ London, UK.

Hello, Stoph00n. Is Stoph00n your real, birth name?

My real name is Jihoon Jung. but it’s top secret. [laughs]

How are you today? What are you doing?

I’m good. Currently sitting at my desk, enjoying the early morning sky with a cuppa.

What is the most strange, experience you’ve had in the last few days?

I had a very realistic dream about zombies.

You’ve been working on your solo project since 2021, starting with“Fallin’ Out of Love” as your debut song. How did you encounter the idea of starting to do music on your own and decided to take action on it?

Good question. At that time, after I broke up with my long-term girlfriend, grief was the only emotion I had, and I wrote that song. Another song I wrote, ‘Love is All Around’, I decided to release it as the last single of Wetter.

You give the impression of being very creative and determined. Am I wrong or right?

Totally right. I’m always thinking about “new ideas”. I always do what I say.

And how would this reflect your devotion to composing and writing new songs?

I talk to people who are on the same page as me. It helps me to understand how truly I can express these ideas. Sometimes we use phrases that were part of the conversation when writing lyrics.

What is the most satisfying moment when you’re creating a melody?

Creating a melody for every piece, all at once.

And speaking about satisfying moments, are you feeling satisfied with your music?

Nope, I’m always hungry. The desire to write a good song never disappears.

Words to live by:

The pain doesn’t go away you just learn to live with it.

What do you believe in?

Love is my motivation.

@stoph00n on instagram/ stoph00n on spotify

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