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Vanilla by Tunnel

Via Los Angeles, now based in Washington, D.C Tunnel are here presenting us with their debut EP Vanilla, and man does it pack a punch. The EP starts off with the track "Monday" with gritty guitar, this track is the best way to start off the EP. My favorite part of this track is when lead singer Natasha Janfaza whispers part of the lyrics bringing in something different. Tunnel will remind you of those bands your parents would listen to when you were growing up, such as the tracks "Peeling Down" and "Dial Tone". Then we have "Vanilla" what I really love about this track is the word play, it's so good and really mixes well with the vibe of the song. "It's So Over" the chorus brings this track all together, it makes you think of those parts in an indie film where there's a moment with the main characters love interest. "Figure 5" is so powerful, it's short and sweet. Janfaza's vocals I feel shine throughout the whole EP, but I really love them on this track. I love how "Heartface Scarshape" starts, and how it turns into a different type of song. The versatility in the lyricism, and music is amazing. The EP ends with "Lemonhead" the lyrics for this track are so good, the “quesadillllllla” lyric is a great and funny touch. The "love is boring" line stuck out a lot to me, almost as if Janfaza was thankful to have realized something sooner than later. All in all Vanilla, is an over the top incredible piece of music. It's one of those works of music that will never get old, and will be played years down the line. Something you'd remember forever, it's so different and special.

Words by Melody


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