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Under Tongues by James Ivy

Jimmy Butler aka James Ivy is back with his latest single "Under Tongues" being his first solo release since last June's "Peace Sounds" which was premiered on Zane Lowe's Apple Music 1 radio show. "Under Tongues" shows another side of James, filled with vulnerable lyrics and shoe gazing guitar, he continues to show us the never ending range in his artistry. Whereas "Peace Sounds"was a much more ambient piano loop. James has said that “Under Tongues’ is made up of bits and pieces of a lot of different music that inspires me: Weird reversed shoegaze guitar leads, trip-hop drums, and electronic elements also laced throughout. It’s exciting for this one to finally come out because I still like listening to it even after hearing it hundreds of times in the year that has passed since I finished it. That doesn’t happen for me often.”

"Under Tongues" is proof that there's so much more under Ivy's belt, that we just haven't seen yet. A gift that truly keeps on giving. The mixture between the shoe gaze guitar and trip drums are an excellent touch, "Under Tongues" almost reminds you of music that was coming out in the early 2000s, an almost nostalgic feeling between the music, lyrics and Ivy's vocals it ties the track together beautifully. Being able to switch genres just shows what a talented artist Ivy is.

Listen to "Under Tongues" here


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