This Is Not A Rom Com by Drive - In

Drive-In has just gifted the world with their debut EP This is Not a Rom-Com, and what a gift it is! Consisting of Alessandra (Ally) Rincon and Mitch Meyer, Drive-In is a Brooklyn-based duo that has lots to say. Their new EP commences with “The One Before,” which is a track that starts the project off with a bang. The first thing you hear are the dreamlike instrumentals which are soon followed by Rincon’s completely smooth and effortless vocals. She’s accompanied by Meyer’s trancelike guitar sequences and backing vocals. The song captures the internal struggle that’s commonly faced in relationships with lyrics like “I know I shouldn’t wait for your love, but here I am waiting for your love.” Following the opening track, we are introduced to “Impact,” which describes the insecurity we often face when it comes to relationships. The vulnerability and honesty of the song writing on this track are what make it so appealing with lyrics like “I’m scared to say I want you.” On this track, Rincon and Meyer have somehow made it feel as though you are in the recording booth with them, and I think that makes it really special. The third track, “Overwhelmed,” begins with the soulful and melancholy sound of Meyer’s guitar which quickly builds into Rincon’s indestructible vocals. This leads us to the final track on the EP, “Narcissus.” The track consists of unapologetically honest lyrics like “Don’t wanna stroke your ego” and “Your words cut like ice.” The song concludes with a unique, ethereal outro that perfectly ties each and every piece of the EP together. This is Not a Rom-Com is a perfectly crafted EP from Drive-In and somehow manages to feel so nostalgic yet brand new at the same time. Ally Rincon and Mitch Meyer are one of the most brilliant duos I have heard in awhile, and the pair have somehow come together and created magic with their debut EP.

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