the water by thallo

Coming from Gwynedd, North Wales, Welsh artist Elin Edwards aka Thallo presents us her newest track emotionally charged track "The Water". The first thing you notice about this track is Edward's storytelling, is so captivating along with her vocals it's hypnotic and sucks you in wanting to know more. The vulnerability Edward's feels flows through the song, which makes it relatable to listeners. Edward;'s states that “The Water is about ‘kicking and screaming’ whilst falling in love, in fear of the heartbreak to come. The love that I feel is bittersweet and I compare it to the acceptance of drowning, laying down on a river bed whilst enjoying the sensation of the immersion. The river is not only the love that drowns me, but is also the relationship that I can’t keep hold of. Its fleeting nature and moving current is inevitable. Through acceptance I will cherish it in its moment, drinking and bathing in the water before it moves on through the river’s current." Her honesty, vulnerability and storytelling all sew into the track so well that it'll take your breath away.

Words by Melody

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Listen to "The Water" here