teenage insects by Zilched (a video premiere)

Zilched aka Chlöe Drallos is back with a brand new track and music video for "Teenage Insects". Put together by Estavon Hawley the video contains Hawley's own clips and footage. With some footage of Drallos got on her trip through West Texas last spring and some clips from a show taken by Craigen Z Oster. The video was creatively put together in a way that looks like you are flipping through your own teenage memories, which makes it even more memorizing and special. "I wrote the song on New Year's Eve before my 19th birthday, (I'm 20 now) where I couldn't find anyone to hang out with. I saw the David Lynch painting of the same name online and felt like it spoke to exactly how I was feeling, which was just too young and kind of gross. The chorus is like this mantra of trying to bring yourself down from all those anxieties listed off in the verses." With honesty in Drallos' lyrics about her feelings from being a teen to an adult can really speak to all of us, with hints of inspiration from Nico and Joy Division. Being able to always touch on personal topics, but also have vulnerability brings the lyrics and vibe all together.

words by Melody

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Watch the video for "Teenage Insects" here