sonder by Matilda Mann

Matilda Mann is going to be embarking on her first ever headline tour of the UK in Spring 2022. This announcement comes with her latest EP, ‘Sonder’, that was released on September 24th. Its title, in Mann’s own words, comes from the idea that “the people around you have a life as big as your own”. The EP definitely depicts the complexity of the world, each song utterly delightful and captivating. There is fortitude in ‘Glass Ceiling’ as Matilda sings “if we’re all insane, then maybe you’re the one to blame” and complete heartbreak in the lyrics “safer to say it than breathing in dust / I’ll clear for the air for the both of us” from ‘February’. There are vibrant moments in songs such as ‘Bloom’ that feel like dancing on a summer’s day; there is a vulnerability in ‘Doomsday’ that feels like the crunch of the leaves under your boots. Mann weaves these segments of seasons together so beautifully that the EP feels like she is taking us on a journey. With just six tracks, there’s truly something for every mood on ‘Sonder’. And no matter what Matilda Mann is singing about, she does it with such charm that I never want to stop listening.

By Caitlin Taff

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