so green by sub*t

SUB*T are back with their debut EP So Green. Previously releasing their first single "Boxing Day" , " Too Soon Too Long" and their newest single "Table for Four", they were ready to present us with their debut EP and show us even more how badass they are. The four tracks were written when Jade and Grace had taken a trip to Nashville, produced and mixed by Alicia Bognanno. So Green covers several different subjects which makes it all the more interesting, and versatile. "Table for Four" being an emotional track that show's just how vulnerable Jade and Grace can be in their lyricism. All these intense overwhelming emotions are followed by loud buzzing guitar and perfect melodies, So Green and SUB*T have it all. With tracks like "Bruce Banner" and "Fur on Porcelain" show's just how creative and brilliant they are when creating music. The lyrics to all 4 tracks are honest, and tell some type of story from your childhood to being naive in your relationships. Grace states that “It’s a culmination of two years of really hard work that Jade and I have put into this band and the music that we make. It’s an emblem of our friendship, the perfect blend of our personalities and inspiration.“ Sub*T has only just begun, and they'll only become more and more badass.

Words by Melody

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