Maggie Lindemann talks new album SUCKERPUNCH and more in press conference

Texas born and now Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Maggie Lindemann presents us with her debut album SUCKERPUNCH. While attending this press conference we get the perfect insight into Lindemann's creative and writing process, but also what she would've told herself when she first started out.

During the press conference I got to ask Maggie , what was it like being able to work with Kellin Quinn, and Siiickbrain?

Maggie replied that "It was amazing, Sleeping with Sirens has been one of my favorite bands since I was in middle school, so to be able to work with him was unreal. He's really nice, and really talented. It was just a really easy collab, he killed the vocals. I was really happy that he screamed on the track, because I didn't want to ask, but I was like please please scream, so that was really cool! Siickbrain is always super cool to work with, she's my best friend in real life. Every time we work together it's super natural, and we usually finish the song in 5 minutes. I always love working with her, she's super talented and more people should pay attention to her!"

Listen to SUCKERPUNCH here

Words by Melody