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I Wish I Never Met You by Summy

Arizona born and bred, now Los Angeles based indie pop artist Summy is back with her newest single "I Wish I Never Met You" a track about a "cathartic release from the past traumas of a toxic relationship." With the sounds of 80s pop rock laced with Summy's deep confessions. "My brother and I wrote ‘I wish I never met you’ about me getting cheated on in a past relationship. The song talks about the pain of getting your heart broken, the difficulties of sitting with your emotions, and the process of healing yourself surrounded by those who love you most." states Summy, with the incredible vocals mixed with vulnerable relatable lyrics that have inspired and touched her fan base that's what makes Summy who she is, but also what makes her music so good. Summy's ability to relate to her listeners is unique, and not something you see a lot anymore.

Words by Melody


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