consolations ep by clara mann

Clara Mann presents us with her debut EP Consolations. The EP consists of 4 tracks filled with Clara's longing to be understood by the ones around her, while also trying to describe what her world is really like, but also recognize who they are in it too, and want to step on in with her. She explains “My music emerged from a world of books, paintings, and poetry, as well as a love of song, and for me, it is a weaving together of those loose strands, an assembling and mending of the fragments of the things I love, that might otherwise have remained scattered across my life and never quite have come together.” On the Ep, we have "Thoughtless", but also 'Station Song" one of the more different, and impulsive tracks on Consolations. “Station Song was different: it captured a particular moment in my life, a particular atmosphere. It’s a lonely song, about moving to the city and feeling detached from the people around me, about mourning the ease of a distant quiet life, and the uncomplicated relationships that punctuated it. Station Song is a three part story-a party, an absence, and a reunion- unfolding as I begin to realise that some things, some relationships, are simply not meant to last forever. Reluctantly, I recognise my unwillingness to let them go, and pay respect to the joy they have brought me through the years, in difficult and lonely times." Clara's vocals are sweet, with soft guitar strumming in "I Didn't Know You Were Leaving Today", a perfect end to the EP. Consolations perfectly sums up how Clara feels, it's warm, inviting, but also with a lingering feeling of being lonely. It also brings hope that, you might be going through hard times, but you can get through them.

Words by Melody

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