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Cadillac by Sun Room

Springing out of sunny Southern California, Sun Room is a rapidly growing four piece that combines the talents of Luke Asgian (lead vocals and guitar), Ashton Minnich (guitar), Max Pinamonti (bass), and Gibby Anderson (drums). From playing surf community house shows to touring with the likes of Louis Tomlinson and Inhaler, Sun Room is a band that is certainly making a name for themselves. Only 11 days into the new year, Sun Room takes off running with the release of their electrifying new single “Cadillac.” At its core, the track is a surf culture anthem featuring addictive 60s-esque undertones. It’s a beach day with friends. “Cadillac” has an irrepressible energy and authenticity to it that proves Sun Room is paying homage to their roots. Before the track concludes, we experience an exhilaratingly swift change of pace that ignites a flame under the track resulting in a tempo that moves at a mile a minute. Along with the new song comes a music video that previews Sun Room’s new era and will certainly get fans excited for what’s in store. There’s no doubt that Sun Room will capture the attention of anyone who comes into contact with their music. If “Cadillac” is any indication of what we can expect next from the band, then it’s safe to say that we’re in for a sonic whirlwind that will continue to transcend the current rock and roll scene.

Words by Sara


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