better woman by louien

Norwegian indie folk singer and songwriter Louien, announced her newest EP "No Tomorrow". Coming from Nesodden, a peninsula in Oslo fjord, Live Miranda Solberg (Louien) presents us with her lead single "Better Woman" which begins with gritty guitar, “Better Woman is about an argument between a woman and her partner, someone she’s in love with, but she doesn’t know how to get through to. So, she blames it on her lack as a woman; that she isn’t good enough, warm enough, funny enough. She wishes she didn’t have so many feelings. Maybe she even wishes she was a man”, explains Solberg. The kaleidoscope of a chorus ties the track together perfectly, the mix of guitar and other string instruments is the perfect combo. Louien has a way with portraying how she's feeling at that exact moment in her lyrics, her vulnerability intertwine everything together perfectly keeping everything intact.

Words by Melody

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