Autocrave by Fernway

“Like sugar for a sweet tooth” I think the best way to summarise Fernway’s debut album ‘Autocrave’. Once you have some you’ll be crawling back for more, and Fernway is serving us a whole dessert buffet.

The nine-track album brings a sensational nostalgic feel which, upon first listen, took me back to my 5 Seconds of Summer loving days. With nods to traditional pop rock instrumentals and vocals, ‘Autocrave’ is truly a brilliant debut launch for Fernway.

Themes that are explored across the album include the correlation between mental health and technology, the idea of perfection, and the trials and tribulations of romantic relationships. These complex themes are broken down into some fantastic lyrics like “I’m looking at my phone when I should be in bed” and “Perfection is tragic”.

Tracks that I really like from the album include ‘Try Smiling’ and ‘Forget Me Not’ which are the more pop-py of the tracks. ‘Autocrave’ has the same electricity as The Band Camino with rock elements lending itself to early The 1975 discography.

‘Autocrave’ exhibits the creative talent of Fernway, and delicately paves the way for what more is to come from the band.

Words by Maddi