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Los Angeles based singer - songwriter Goldie Vargas is back with her latest single "Canyon" Following previous releases such as "Strawberry Kisses" and "Moving in Reverse", her newest single "Canyon" is the final piece to tease her upcoming debut EP "Golden" which will be out Jiuly 28th. "Canyon" was written after a breakup, getting inspiration (with songwriting) from Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Townes Van Zandt. "Canyon" is out now! You can listen to it here

Hi Goldie! Thanks so much for answering my questions, how are you?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me! I am doing good right now, just came back from Italy and starting to come back to reality ahaha.

How did you get into music?

My family is full of artists so I’ve always been surrounded by different forms of art. I was put into piano lessons at 5 and then started vocal training at 10 years old. After high school I decided to start pursuing music and shortly after met my amazing producer Adam Gurr and the rest is history!

You’ve recently released your newest single “Canyon”. Can you tell us what inspired you to write this track?

Canyon was written right after a breakup that happened during the recording of my EP. I was driving up and down Topanga Canyon for my recording sessions and I was so inspired by the canyon and how therapeutic the drive was for me. Canyon is about the personal conflict of missing the relationship you once had but also missing the person you were before that relationship. Even though it is a break up song, I find it incredibly empowering and self loving. It almost feels like you are running through a field towards yourself and your roots.

“Canyon” has some vulnerable lyrics, but also I feel it’s relatable as well. How do you keep the vulnerability in your lyrics?

I try to come from the most authentic place of what I’m feeling when writing. I use a lot of my sessions alone as a form of therapy to articulate how I am feeling. I've actually had times where my lyrics are too personal and truthful to myself and story, that it can feel like an over-share, but I feel like that is what keeps my songs so relatable.

What was the writing and creative process like for “Canyon”?

Canyon took a little bit of a minute to figure out. I wrote Canyon in one day but the original name was called something like “Honeysuckle” I think, it did not have a key change at the end and was only 1.5 minutes long!

So my producer and I sat on the demo for a little and let her show us what kind of song she could be and she turned out to be gorgeous ahaha.

Canyon is actually my moms’ favorite song off my EP soI think that is the greatest testament to how Canyon turned out.

For “Canyon” you took songwriting inspiration from Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Townes Van Zandt! Can you touch on this a bit more? How did the inspiration from them make their way into “Canyon”?

I was only listening to Stevie, Joni and Townes on a loop after the break up when I would drive up the canyon!

Stevie and Joni are always my main inspiration when writing. They are both so incredibly vulnerable and truthful in their songs. How they are able to make heartbreak empowering in a way that Stevie and Joni can only do was so incredibly inspiring to me during the writing of Canyon. Townes’ gorgeous picking patterns stuck in my head like glue, so when I sat down to write I knew it had to be done on an acoustic guitar.

You are also releasing your EP “Golden” on July 28th, which is so exciting! What can we expect on “Golden”?

I am! I am so incredibly excited for everyone to hear it! I feel like “Golden” is a short story on what was going on in my life during that time period from mental health, pandemics, heartache and finding yourself as a young woman and not a young girl.

Was the writing and creative process for “Canyon” the different for “Strawberry Kisses”? Or was it the same?

The writing process for Canyon and Strawberry were completely different! I think the only similarity between the two is that they were written in one day and they were both used as a form of therapy in a sense for me. For Strawberry Kisses, I started off with the lyric “sundazed on a saturday” and a mood board that was inspired by that lyric and then the entire song just flowed right out of me. I was in a place in my life where I was finding myself as a young woman and not a young girl anymore. It was incredibly freeing to write and release Strawberry Kisses since I feel like writing a song about sex as a young female artist is almost considered “taboo” STILL. Recording Strawberry was so much fun too! Every aspect of the creative process for her just felt like play time because the lyrics are quite silly if you look into them. For Canyon I was in a completely different place mentally. I physically needed to write that song to let a part of me go and to come to terms with how I was feeling. The writing process felt more like venting vs being silly.

Being from Los Angeles, there have been an incredible amount of musicians to come out of this city! Has being from Los Angeles inspired you at all as a musician?

I feel really lucky to be from LA! Not only is it incredibly and beautifully diverse, but there is so much music history in every part of town.

I definitely feel like I am inspired by LA in the late 60s and early 70s. From Sharon Tate to the legendary stories about the Riot House and sunset strip.

How did you go about finding your sound?

I’ve always been inspired by classic rock and the warmth that every single song has from that era… probably due to being recorded on tape… ahaha. But Adam really helped me polish and shape my sound! He is really experimental when it comes to recording and has taught me so much about taking risks and thinking outside the box.

Who would you say your musical influences are?

I am definitely inspired by Stevie Nick, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, and the album RAM by Paul Mccartney.

Stevie and Joni’s writings are truly poetry! Their lyrics not only sound beautiful but are visually beautiful to read. I always ask myself when I am in a writer's block : “What would Stevie and Joni do?” David Bowie is just so incredibly cool to me, I did my last high school project on him and his changing identities. I spent an entire month researching Bowie and trying to find the “why” in each identity. I was so inspired by how he was able to consistently evolve and change his entire aesthetic with zero fear.

What inspires you the most when writing lyrics?

Life experiences definitely inspire me the most while writing. I want to be able to relate to my lyrics and be the most authentic version of myself while writing, singing, and performing. I think the only way I am able to do that is to tap into what experiences I have gone through and write about it.

Besides, your EP “Golden” coming out on July 28th. What else can we expect from you?!

Shows and new music on the horizon!

We’re all about discovering about new bands/artists, who should we be listening to right now?

I found this band on TikTok called Thee Sacred Souls and they are SO talented!! They have an album coming out august 26th and I am so so excited for that. I’ve also been listening to Steve Lacy’s new album “Gemini Rights”. Not only is the album name so sick but every single song is so so good.

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