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wayfaring EP by may chi

May Chi is back with a beautifully written and vocally mesmerizing EP called Wayfaring. The EP starts off with the track "Will You Tell Me" a song about being there for someone, and letting them know that you'll be there for them, but they also have to be there for themselves too. "Mind Palace" reminds me a lot of the band The Big Moon, the lyric that stands out in this track that is all too relatable is "no matter where you look, you'll never find the real me." "Tomorrow" starts off with guitar and intertwines with beautiful vocals, a song you could play in the background on repeat in the winter time. "Six Thousand Miles" is a slow mesmerizing song about missing someone, and wanting to be with them. My favorite part of this track is when you can hear quite chatter in the middle of it that you don't expect. "Wayfaring" the leading single of the EP with it's strumming guitar, and cool drums it brings you a track that really speaks for itself. May's voice brings you through the song so sweetly, but you can really hear the emotion in her voice. "Solitude" the last song on the EP, an acoustic track, and what a good track it is to end with. The simplicity in this song is exactly what we all need, the lyrics are poetically amazing, and the vocals go with it so well.

You can listen to Wayfaring on all platforms on 6 December.

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Words by Melody

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