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Los Angeles based singer - songwriter McCall has presented us with her debut album .. to be a dream.. a mixture between Maggie Rogers and The Japanese House, McCall will have you in your feelings, but also blasting this album in your car for the rest of the summer. The album starts off with "Famous" McCall's sweet vocals with this very much lyrically self explanatory track, the music reminding you of the start of a classic video game. "Perfect Timing" has that perfect mix of acoustics, but also still that McCall twist to it, the same goes for "Hair Salon Gossip". Next we have "Passive Aggressive" and "Ties" have the best beats, the best thing about McCall's music is even if they are about relationships we have with people are strained, these tracks will put you in your feelings, but also dance at the same time. "What Then" showcases McCall's vocals and lyricism, with the added guitar I feel she is coming into herself as an incredible musician, same with "Alone With You" all the tracks on be a dream.. have subtle differences from each other, but it's still McCall. The album ends with "Easy" which McCall made a self directed video for, which is about not putting pressure on yourself, and the people you are around, which I feel can be very relatable for other artists and creators. All in all, be a dream.. is an album you'll have on repeat, it's so special and honest.

Words by Melody


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