the skin and yesterday's favorite by catcher

NY five piece band Catcher consisting of members Austin Eicher (vocals), Wilson Chestney (drums), Cameron McRae (bass). Christian Reach (guitarist), and Jack Young (guitarist) present us with two new tracks "The Skin" and "Yesterday's Favorite". Just by listening to these tracks, you already know Catcher aren't afraid to stir things up a bit. "Yesterday's Favorite" blares with marching drums and perfectly matching vocals by none other than Austin Eicher. This track leaves you with a haunting feeling via the bass lines, with it's infectious lyrics that tie it all together. Then we have "The Skin" opens with a fuzzed out instrumental, while listening to both tracks they remind you a lot of Copenhagen’s very own Iceage. When talking about both singles, Austin states “The two singles are oddly similar in subject matter. ‘Yesterday’s Favorite’ is a kind of reflective piece on 3 different memories of a person who is at the end of their life due to old age. I think this one came from the old man with dementia that I am a caretaker for. Although the stories are not his, I think I definitely had him in mind when I sat down to write this one. It was a tough song to figure out; I think I wrote the song 6 different times, all with different subject matter and references before I actually came to this one and just had to let go of it for the sake of having it released. ‘The Skin’ is also a kind of nostalgic song in a different way. It’s loosely about a person who is at the end of their rope and sees the sun as a metaphor for a lot of their most fond memories, but also their darkest ones.” The addicting instrumentals, right before it picks up. From these two tracks, Catcher show us that they are much bigger than life itself, but also bringing their own styles to the table, and honest lyrics which makes it all that exciting.

Words by Melody

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