Malibu by The Driver Era

‘Malibu’ is the newest release gifted to us, the eager and music-thirsty listeners, from the brother duo The Driver Era.

The band comprised of Ross and Rocky Lynch bring us ‘Malibu’, the groovy escapist track inspired by spontaneous trips and daydreaming of experiences. The single is perfect to soundtrack a summer-beach getaway, bursting with rhythmic beats and a bassline that you can’t not tap your foot to.

The boys have seemingly grown out of their floppy-haired, coordinating outfit days of R5 and have developed into their own individual tone. The Driver Era’s sound is always a playful mixture between rock and pop sounds without playing too much into either. It’s ambitious to say the least, yet the Lynch brothers land it every time. The use of guitar in chorus to create unique sounds is a key signifier of Ross and Rocky’s musicality.

The band are on tour from August 1st, playing 24 cities across the United States and Canada. But that’s not all. The Driver Era will be taking the Girlfriend World Tour to Japan, Australia & New Zealand, and Europe & the UK.

The Driver Era is truly on an upwards trajectory – in the four years since their debut single ‘Preacher Man’ the bank has over 300 million streams.

Words by Maddi