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Juleser is Shy

Creating music that is inspired by and melds together multiple different genres, New Orleans based artist Juleser has just released his debut EP,Juleser Is Shy, which is a project full of creativity and all around good vibes. Starting off strong with the opening track “Oami,” Juleser instantly captures the attention of listeners and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. This song embodies Juleser’s ability to blend genres and color outside the lines, offering unique wordplay and smooth grooves so wavy you could surf them. The following track, “Adelaide,” is accompanied by a music video directed by Quinn Young that perfectly brings the song to life, using vintage visuals to capture the song’s essence. “Thin Like Paper” serves as a showcase of Juleser’s illusive and ethereal vocals and “The Roof” is fused with indie-pop undertones that change in tempo and rise and fall throughout the journey of the song. The final track, “Stuffy Nose” is the epitome of nostalgia, yearning, and tenderheartedness, and is a perfect conclusion to a perfect debut EP. After hearing Juleser’s single “Talk Pretty” last year, I couldn't wait to hear more from the artist, and I was not disappointed. His debut EP flows seamlessly and is an easy and rewarding listen to be the soundtrack of your summer. Packed full of swift melodies and guitar riffs, Juleser’s music has such an authenticity to it that is incredibly refreshing to hear. Through just five songs, Juleser proves that he is certainly an artist whose name will be around for ages to come, and we should all be very excited to hear what’s next.


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