how can i pretend by Wasia Project

The UK-based duo, Wasia Project, released their latest EP “how can i pretend?” recently, and it is fresh and exciting. The siblings, Will Gao and Olivia Gao Hardy debuted in 2019, and since, they’ve released five singles. “how can i pretend?” is their first EP. The EP is made up of four songs: why don’t u love me? - re-recorded, ur so pretty, impossible, how can i pretend? - Demo.

why don’t u love me? re-record - - The song was their very first single released in October 2019, and while it was jazzy and new, the 2022 re-recorded edition of the song is more directed to the sound of Wasia Project that has been developed in the past few years. The track is soft and sweet, and the lyrics are relatable for anyone with unrequited love.

ur so pretty - - The song was originally released by Olivia Gao Hardy outside of Wasia Project in October 2020, though the 2022 re-record offers a cleaner, more eloquent sound. The harmonies are more developed, and they elevate the song beautifully. The lyrics themselves pay such attention to the details of beauty, and they characterize prettiness in a unique, intoxicating way. The yearning in this song is palpable.

impossible - - With the slow start to this song, the changes in tempo add a modern jazziness similar to that of Misfit Biscuit, released by the sibling duo in 2020. As opposed to the previous songs on the EP, impossible is much more negative, despite the happier song. The repetition in the lyrics makes for a desperate feel. The song itself almost feels like a fever dream.

how can i pretend? - Demo - - The closing track is the only one on the EP with both siblings’ voices blended together, and it sets the song apart from the other three. Paired with the simplicity of the instruments in the song, the harmonies and dissonance from the siblings’ voices add a jazzy and classical feel to the song. The lyrics mirror those of I Love You So by The Walters.

Words by Holland