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An interview with Larissa Lambert

Rising Australian artist Larissa Lambert is gearing up to release her first ever full body of work, an EP titled I love you and it's getting worse which will be released on May 12th. The project takes listeners through the journey of Larissa's experience with love and all of its complexities, and Larissa took the time to chat with us all about it! Check out our conversation with her below, and be sure to check out I love you and it's getting worse on May 12th!

Hi Larissa! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. How’s life finding you these days?

Honestly I've just been stuck in hibernation the past couple months getting this EP done, I've been so busy my feelings have been on mute.. But now that my EP is finished, I can feel all my suppressed emotions bubbling back up to the surface, so I guess I'll start on my next album with that fuel, lol.

Could you tell us a bit about what sparked your initial interest to pursue music and incorporate it into your life?

I’ve always had an inner knowing that music is what I was always going to pursue. Even as a kid I would tell teachers I was going to be a singer! I never had a plan B. Everything else felt like a waste of time for me because I knew I was being pulled to pursue music. I had a chaotic childhood and I would use music as an escape - whether that be writing poems or belting out a song. I guess I still do this now, but on a bigger scale and for the world to experience.

Australia has got to have one of the BEST music scenes in the world! I’d love to hear about your experience of being submerged into its musical environment, as well as how it has influenced your artistry?

Australia holds some of the most talented singers/artists ever! I'm glad the music scene is slowly starting to get more recognition especially for Soul/R&B. I feel like this hasn't always been the case though honestly, but we are starting to get more big festivals and recognition for this genre which is amazing to see.

Since releasing “80/20 Rule” in 2020, how have you evolved as an artist and what has your journey looked like so far?

I have learnt so much since my first release, I tried to focus on my artistry and improve in all areas since then. My main focus was to try to be in rooms with massive influential people and artists to learn from them and get inspired. I feel I have a different appreciation towards other genres of music now also and try to incorporate more styles into my music. There's so much incredible art in the world to experience!

You have a very exciting release coming up, your debut EP is coming out on May 12th! How are you feeling in anticipation of releasing your first full body of work?

Honestly, I'm super nervous because I feel very vulnerable. Everything down to my artwork is vulnerable! It feels like I'm uploading an audible book of my personal diary for the world. But that's the beautiful thing about being an artist, your art is a gift for others. We are meant to be used as a vessel I guess you could say. Overall, though, I am excited for my fans and new people to find my project and connect with and experience it.

Is there a song off of the EP that you are most excited for people to hear?

That's a hard one. Every song on the EP comes from a real place, so they all hold a special spot in my heart. But one in particular that I'm excited to share is “Girl From Venus”. It's very stripped, but confronting lyric wise. I started writing this song with the conceptual idea of a “cheater’s perspective” when it comes to relationships. In this day and age, we see this happen so much and instead of tapping into the heartbroken, I wanted to tap into the guilt that comes with cheating and breaking someone else.

If you could describe this new project in 3 words, what would they be?

Honest, moody, stripped.

Thanks so much for your time, we’re all really excited for the EP! What’s in store next for you?

Thank You so much! I’m definitely thinking it's time for a tour soon <3.


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