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A love letter to Sunburn

Dominic Fike’s music first found me when I was 16. I am now 21 and my love and appreciation for him and his art still continues to grow. Being able to witness his journey and growth as an artist throughout my teenage years and now into my twenties has been the greatest privilege, he’s an artist that puts so much heart and soul into everything he does and is just such a rare talent that should be celebrated for years and years. I feel as though I will never be able to properly express my gratitude, appreciation, and just absolute awe that I have for Dominic Fike.

The road to Fike’s second album felt like a long one for fans that were eager to get their hands on some new music, but what we ended up receiving on July 7th was worth every second of the wait. The first time I pressed play on this album made me feel as though I was exactly where I needed to be. It’s clear from just the first listen that Fike is a storyteller, and he is true to the story of who he is. Tracks like “Dark” and “4x4” are just a few examples of the heart and humanity that Sunburn possesses as Fike gives us a tender and delicate glimpse into his memories. Showcasing his incredible range, we also have tracks like “Frisky” (which fans have been waiting for a studio version of for ages) and “Sick” that are nostalgic, lighthearted, and fun. The dichotomy and thoughtful sequencing of the album pack it full of sunshine and also thunderstorms. It's a reflection of the past but also a lumination of the future.

The incredible collaborative choices that Dominic brought along on Sunburn cannot go without being properly acknowledged. First up, we have queen of all queens and indie-pop icon Remi Wolf on a direct vocal feature on “Bodies.” The two artists have been friends for awhile, first collaborating on the remix of Remi’s song “Photo ID” back in 2021. Remi was such a brilliant choice for this song and it was apparent from their first collaboration that the two mesh extremely well together sonically. Fike also worked with longtime heroes on “Think Fast,” which features Weezer as well as “Frisky,” which was co-written alongside every single member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. While this would be a huge deal for anyone, I imagine that it was incredibly special for Dominic (the man has a tattoo of John Frusciante on his hand).

I find it to be a complete honor that Dominic has given us and trusted us with Sunburn as it is the best gift that we, as fans, could have ever received. Fike’s lyrics are poetry and I am so touched by his art. Sunburn is full of life, it’s gritty and raw, it’s joyful and sad. It involves destruction but also restoration. That is what life is. Sunburn is an album that you can feel. Sunburn changed my life, it is my genuine hope that you allow it to change yours. Sunburn is waiting for you.

Listen to Sunburn here

Words by Sara


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