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A Dog Wound by Bex Morton

Los Angeles based singer- songwriter Bex Morton presents us with her 5 track EP A Dog Wound. With Bex's soft vocals throughout the EP, but also the perfect display of story telling. Bex has the right balance between her lyricism, but also portraying what she wants to say to her listeners. "Night Stalker" and "Ten" both have the talking of the beginning of each track which I found to bring these tracks together, but what I really enjoyed the most was how each track was different. Bex had 5 different stories to tell, and she told them in A Dog Wound. The slight hmmm's and guitar in "Roadkill" was so simple, yet something that really put the icing on the cake on this track. My favorite track on this EP has to be "Sally" I love the lyrics, but also this is the perfect track before the final track. It's soft, and sweet. A Dog Wound ends with "Lucky" the best track to end with, I felt all songs on A Dog Wound were almost like I was listening to someone read me short stories, the lyricism is so amazing.

A Dog Wound is out now!

Words by Melody

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