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Recently I got to have a chat with rising star singer/songwriter Mia Giovina. Coming from New Jersey, Mia has already taken the internet by a storm, she began using her platform to put her music out there, and share her incredible talent. She has used the power of the internet to be able to rewrite popular songs, and post original tracks as well. Mia and I spoke about what inspires her, the writing process and so much more.

Listen to Mia's newest track "Time Machine" here

Hi Mia! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions, how are you?

i’m so good thank you so much for having me!

How did you get into music? What made you want to be a singer/songwriter?

Music has been the biggest part of my life for as long as I can remember! I grew up surrounded by it so I feel like it was inevitable that I become a musician. I started really taking music seriously once I decided to pursue it as my career after high school. I really look up to Taylor Swift and she definitely has played a huge role in my love for songwriting and my desire to become an artist!

When did you start writing songs?

I had attempted to write songs as early on as eight years old but they were never very good. Once quarantine started and I had so much time on my hands, I decided to write a new song every single day. Looking back, most of them were terrible but I’m definitely a better songwriter because of it!

Would you say your lyrics are more so based off of personal experiences, or is it a mixture of everything?

When I first started writing songs consistently during quarantine, I wasn’t writing about personal experience.

I feel like that’s why I really never connected with my songs or felt passionate about them. Now, I almost only write from personal experience. I’ve come to use songwriting as kind of a diary for my life. It’s super therapeutic and healing to take something you’ve struggled with and turn it into this beautiful piece of art.

Did growing up in New Jersey inspire you as an artist in anyway?

I had a lot of my firsts as an artist in New Jersey. I was in my first musical when I was 9 at the high school I ended up attending, I performed as an artist for the first time at a coffee shop five minutes away from my house, filmed my first music video at the parking garage next to my friend’s house, and even wrote the very first song I ever released about New Jersey. So yeah I'd say it definitely has played a major role in my musical life!

When creating a song, what comes first lyrics, or music?

It’s always different. Sometimes I’ll have a title or lyrics that need a melody. Other times I have a melody that just needs words.

Is there a certain formula you follow when it comes the creative/writing process?

I don’t necessarily have a 1,2,3 step by step method but I think that’s what keeps it so fresh and exciting every time. I like to kind of just let creativity flow and not put too much control on it.

You released your newest track “Time Machine” which is so good! What was the inspiration behind it?

Time Machine came from this place of fear watching the world kind of pick up the pace again. My friends and family were all going back to work and school and it was just a big change after being with them for so long. I’m terrible with change so I ended up writing Time Machine instead of facing the problem head on.

What was the creative / writing process like for “Time Machine”? was it different from “Sirens”?

It was very different from "Sirens". Sirens took a very very long time to write and produce. Time Machine was extremely quick.

You said you felt as if “Time Machine” wrote itself more than you wrote it, can you touch on that a bit more?

I wrote the song in under 20 minutes.This is gonna sound disgustingly cheesy but it kind of felt like I was just putting pieces of a puzzle together that were always meant to be there.

Did you listen to any bands or artist for inspiration during the creative process? If so, who?

I actually had a completely different sound in mind when I first sent the song to my producers! I wanted it super stripped back and acoustic with just a guitar but they obviously sent me back something very different. So I guess this would actually have to be a question for them!

What inspires you the most when writing lyrics?

Taylor Swift. I think her lyrics are so smart and intentional which is something I try my best to emulate every time I write a song.

“Time Machine” shows a bit of vulnerability about growing up and no longer being a kid (something we’ve all felt), how do you go about showing that type of vulnerability, without revealing too much?

To be honest I don’t think about that a ton. Whatever I’m feeling, I add to the song. It’s definitely been scary posting such vulnerable songs to the internet but I just try my best to not think about the fear of it but rather how the song could help somebody else and even more, how it’s helping me to release the thoughts and emotions behind it.

Which bands/artists would you say inspire you the most?

Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Lizzy Mcalpine, Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves are all huge inspirations of mine!

We’re all about discovering new artists, who are you currently listening to right now that we should check out?

My friend Catie Turner just released an EP called “Heartbreak and milking it” and it is breathtaking. Every song on it has become my favorite. I can’t stop listening!

Words by Melody

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