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S4th and Wythe by Drive-In

Drive-In is a musical project born from the brilliantly creative mind of Brooklyn-based Alessandra (Ally) Rincon. Ally is an artist that I will always jump at the opportunity to gush over, and she has truly given us something special through Drive-In. Recently making a striking return with her new single “S4th and Wythe,” Ally takes listeners along the journey of discovering how to grow after a break up. Co-written by up-and-coming singer-songwriter Ross Newhouse, “S4th and Wythe” packs a punch and is full of heart. Throughout the track, Ally reflects on a relationship gone wrong and comes to realize that the only way to grow from the experience is by walking down the street her ex lives on: “Wondering how it’d be to see you again / Would I talk like a stranger / Act like a friend?” While there are many factors that make Ally such a compelling artist, her boldness stands out the most to me. At her core, she is a courageous lyricist and storyteller. She pours herself into each song she creates. “S4th and Wythe” builds in such a beautiful way as Ally strategically adds more vocal layers and harmonies by the time the track reaches its conclusion. From the striking guitar-heavy introduction, the explosive chorus, to the crashing conclusion, “S4th and Wythe” maintains its momentum the whole way through. Drive-In’s music is something that everyone should experience, and “S4th and Wythe” would be an exemplary introduction. 

Words by Sara


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